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Age Groups and Podium

At Somersault, we're all about inclusion. We try to give every participant the opportunity to compete for a spot on the podium, whether it be for the overall race or for their age group.

For each event, whether it's a Triathlon, Duathlon, SwimCycle, or Run, we do a podium ceremony for each age group and each gender (male, female and non-binary). If there are any prizes available for a given race, they'll be allocated equally into the 3 gender categories listed above. Athletes can self-select the gender that they best identify with when registering. Prizes aren't guaranteed and are subject to any sponsors/donations that we have for that date.

Our age group categories are as follows:

13 & under, 14-15, 16-17, 18-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80 & over.

Kids Races:

For our Surf N Turf races and our 1K kids races, there is no official podium ceremony because these events are open to all, including those that want to walk, jog or stroll to the finish line. That being said, everyone is welcome to take a photo on the podium. Feel free to stop by the Ceremony Area to take a commemorative picture.

ByTown Storm Youth Series:

For our youth series, we'll have a ceremony for U11, 12-13 and 14-15, for boys, girls and non-binary.


We'll have a podium ceremony for the top 3 teams in each race, regardless of gender or age. These will be done separately from the solo podium ceremony.

Race Rules

Each Somersault Series event participant, as a condition of entry to a Somersault event, agrees to participate according to the rules of the competition listed below. The participants also agree to show respect for the other event participants, the public, event officials, and volunteers, and to communicate concerns or suggestions, to Somersault in a courteous and timely manner.

It is each participant's responsibility to know and adhere to Somersault event rules. Please take the time to become familiar with these rules. Somersault event rules exist for two reasons. The first is to ensure the safety of the participant. The second is to ensure that the competition is fair for all participants.

It is important to understand that Somersault Events, and any of the organizations, businesses, or individuals participating in the organization and presentation of this event are not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged apparel, or equipment. The participant is solely responsible. We recommend leaving your valuables at home, in the car, or with a trusted friend.

Swimming Rules:


Wetsuits are allowed at all Somersault Triathlon events, regardless of water temperature.

Swim Aids:

Flutter boards and pool noodles will be available in all open-water swim events. You can request one at any time during the swim by notifying a kayaker or paddler in the water. You will not be disqualified for the use of a swim aid.

Personal floatation devices such as a "My Float" are permitted, however, you will be required to start at the back of the mass start wave.

If you need a break during the swim, you are permitted to hold onto a rescue craft without disqualification. Our water safety team is there to help and you're allowed to hold onto any kayak, canoe, SUP, boat or rescue board on the water.

Swim Caps:

They must wear a swim cap during the swim but can choose between wearing their own cap, or a Somersault cap.

Bike Course Rules:


Headphones are strictly prohibited during the cycle portion of any triathlon, duathlon or swim cycle.

During running events or the run portion of a multisport event, it is permissible to have ONE headphone in. This is so that is it possible to hear instructions or warnings from volunteers, staff and those around you. Headphones covering both of your ears are prohibited. Bone-conducting headphones are allowed during the run.

Minimum age requirement:

Participants competing in open road triathlon, duathlon, or swimcycle events must be 14 years of age or older. Participants under 14 years of age may compete as part of a relay team in open road events, but only as the swimmer or runner.

For closed course events, this age restriction is not in place.

Bicycle Helmets:

Helmets must be worn and chin straps must be fastened before a competitor takes their bike from their bike rack. They must remain on and fastened until you return to the T-zone and rack your bike.

Bells on Bikes:

As advocates for safe cycling and as a reminder that it's the law, you should have a bell on your bike. We will have bells for sale on site at race kit pick up.

Bibs and Stickers:

Your bib is optional for the bike portion of the race. If you do wear it for the bike, it should be worn on your back. For the run portion of a race, it should be worn on the front. We'll have Race Belts for sale at the Registration Tent.

Your bike sticker must be affixed to your bicycle's seat post prior to entering the t-zone and must match your race number to gain entrance or exit. Please affix the bike sticker PRIOR to entering the T-Zone.

Your bike sticker must remain on your bicycle in order to exit the T-zone upon completion of your event. The sticker should only be removed after you have exited the T-zone. You must also have your matching bib number with you in order to remove your bicycle from the T-zone.

Your helmet sticker must be on the front of your helmet, so that our photographer can identify you in the images. Don't forget to smile!


Competitors must have their torsos covered during the bike and the run portions of the event. Public nudity is not permitted at any time during the event.

Drafting rules and procedures:

Bicycle drafting is against the rules in all Somersault events. Bike course officials will be on motorcycles on the bicycle course at Somersault events to monitor for drafting.

In many Somersault races, there are too many cycling participants to allow everyone to avoid drafting situations. We recognize this fact, and officials will not unnecessarily disqualify participants in such situations. We're more about education than enforcement.

The rules below are guidelines. Somersault officials are experienced in determining whether an advantage is being gained or not, or whether the drafting is purposeful or not. They will make decisions on that basis and their instructions must be obeyed.

Drafting Definition:

  • Riding within 5 metres of someone's back wheel is drafting
  • Riding beside someone within 2 metres is drafting
  • Riding next to someone and not overtaking them or dropping back from them constitutes blocking

How to Avoid Drafting

  • You are allowed 15 seconds in someone's draft zone while passing
  • If passed, you must drop out of the passing cyclists draft zone before re-passing them
  • You are considered "passed" when a competitor's front wheel is ahead of yours

Consequences of Breaking the Rules

The consequence of breaking the above and other rules of competition will depend on the severity of the infraction and will be entirely at the discretion of Somersault race officials.

Position on Course

For the bike and the run, it's advised to run on the right-hand side of the course, unless passing someone.

Summer Weather Policy

Somersault Events will be monitoring Environment Canada's regional weather service and associated radar constantly in order to understand what conditions we might be faced with.

Up to 45 minutes prior to start we will make one of the following decisions:

  1. Events executed as scheduled
  2. Cancel the swim portion and turn all Tri events into duathlons (where applicable)
  3. Turn all multisport events into runs
  4. Cancel all events

Should we have persistent and/or imminently dangerous lightning #4 will be the choice.

Should we have torrential rains and high winds options 2,3 and 4 will be considered (winds in excess of 50kph with gusts over 70kph as a guide)

Unseasonably cold or hot temperatures will also be considered with the above steps implemented should there be a danger of hypo or hyperthermia.

Rain alone, without high winds or lightning will mean business as usual.

Hot temperatures will be monitored as follows:

  • 25-30 degrees including humidex (cautions issued in pre-race communications)
  • 30-35 degrees including humidex (cautions issued in pre-race communications and potential shortening of events
  • 35-40 degrees including humidex (cautions issued in pre-race communications and potential shortening or cancelling of events)
  • 40+ degrees including humidex (cautions issued in pre-race communications and potential shortening or cancelling of events)

Should conditions deteriorate while the event is underway we will immediately assess the danger level and either stop the event, make immediate changes that could include cancellation or a potential re-start in a modified format.

We will communicate regularly with our Swim, Bike, Run and Transition team directors for immediate input and action as they work with their teams to provide real time assessment. We will also be communicating continuously with First Aid, Emergency Services and any relevant facility personnel in order to complete the communications circle.

Winter Event Weather Policy

48 hours prior to event start time we will issue a weather alert based on any of the following single or combined forecasted conditions:

  • -28 degree celsius (including windchill)
  • 25cm of accumulated snow
  • Freezing rain

The purpose of the 48 hour alert is to let participants know that there are potential weather conditions approaching that might impact our event. 24 hours prior to event start time we will update the 48 hour alert and/or notify participants that the alert has ended. At the 24 hour mark we will make a preliminary call on whether to cancel the event or shorten some or all components of the event. Weather conditions can change rapidly in winter and we reserve the right to change a decision made at the 24 hour mark, should the weather change either for the better or for worse, right up to event start time.

Options we will pursue based on conditions are as follows:

  • A delayed start (remembering that we have numerous event site permit requirements that must be met should we opt to delay the start)
  • Cancelling event distances that are deemed to be too long given the conditions (as decided by us, our medical/first aid partners and any other joined parties). Should a longer event be cancelled participants will automatically be placed in the next longest distance that remains in place).
  • Cancelling the entire event.

Please note that no refunds or transfers to any other events on our calendar will be granted should there be a partial cancellation as described in option 2) above

Refunds and Transfers Policy:

Somersault offers cancellation insurance for all our events. If you purchase this insurance, you can get your registration fee refunded anytime, up until the start of the race. Please note that if you do want a refund, the price of the insurance, the VenueStack processing fees, and taxes are not refunded. To get a refund, email We don't require a medical note or any supporting documents for a refund. A refund request cannot be granted after the race starts.

For those who didn't purchase the cancellation insurance, we still have options for you.

  • Change your event or distance. If you signed up for a triathlon, you can transfer to a different race, such as a duathlon, swim cycle, or running event. Ie, if you can no longer participate in a triathlon because of an injury that prevents you from running, you can transfer to a swim cycle. We offer partial refunds if the new race you've chosen is a lower price. We do not charge any transfer fees to make these changes.
  • Changing your distance. If you can no longer complete the distance you had originally signed up for, but can safely complete a shorter distance, we can transfer you to a shorter distance. We do not offer partial refunds if the new race you've chosen is a lower price. We do not charge any transfer fees to make these changes.
  • Transfer to a future event within the same calendar year. If we have another event happening later in the season that suits your situation, we can transfer you to any event of your choice. We do not charge any transfer fees to make these changes. We cannot transfer to an event in a future year.
  • Transfer your entry to someone else. If you didn't purchase cancellation insurance and none of the options above suit your situation, you can transfer your race to someone else. You'll need to send us their name, email, phone number, gender, emergency contact info, and list any allergies/medications that we should be aware of. We do not charge any transfer fees to make these changes.
  • You can transfer your entry to someone else AND change the race. If you have someone that would like to take your entry, but would like to do a different event on that day, we can make the transfer and change the event.

All transfers and changes need to be done before Tuesday at 6pm, the week of the race. After Tuesday at 6pm, changes can no longer be made, unless you purchased cancellation insurance.

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