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Info about Adam:
I’d like to use this page to introduce myself and to tell you a little bit about Somersault. Somersault is a race series, based in Ontario, Canada, that specializes in multisport and running events. Somersault is over 35 years old and while its name, location, and ownership have changed over the years, the overall mission hasn’t.

This small business was founded by a husband and wife team, Terry and Christine, who ran a well-loved series of races until Terry passed away in 2016. This series has a lot more history than many people know and the passion of its founders is often hidden in plain sight. If you ever want to know more about some of the Easter Eggs that are hidden within Somersault, I’d love to tell you about them. Christine and Terry famously got married on race day and had their guest list volunteer or participate in the event before the ceremony & reception. They named the Kids’ Series after their own children and when Terry left us, the finisher medals were redone to include his bucket hat, which he wore at every event.

While no one can replace Terry and Christine, I hope that they’re proud of what’s to come of their legacy. I ran my first Somersault event when I was 12 years old and have been hooked ever since. Over the years I’ve collected a long list of memories with Somersault including:

  • Signing up for an Iron Distance for my first ever triathlon, despite having broken my leg only a few months prior. In my defense, I didn’t know there were shorter options!
  • Becoming a regular participant or volunteer at every race. At one point, my streak was over 3 years long.
  • Growing into the role of sponsor through my bicycle shop, velofix Ottawa.
  • Developing into a Race Director, before finally becoming the owner of Somersault.
  • I also can’t forget that I met my wife online, using a Somersault Race Photo as my profile picture. I’m still surprised that she said yes to a first date.

With that, I want you to know how important Somersault is to me. I’ve been a participant, a volunteer, a sponsor, a race director, and an owner. With that scope and insight, I hope that Somersault continues to evolve, to meet the ever-changing needs of athletes.

I’m also a proud alumni of uOttawa where I graduated with an Honours, BSc with Specialization in Human Kinetics. I’m an NCCP-certified coach and I still coach for some of the local triathlon clubs in Ottawa. I run TriRudy, which is a long-standing website for endurance athletes, built around the idea of earning the Rudy Award - which requires you to complete 5 specific endurance events in one year. It’s a bit of a hidden gem but has an “if you know, you know” feel to it. If you’re curious about Rudy Award, you can reach out to me directly.

I’m lucky to now run this business with my wife, Elizabeth. She did Somersault events all throughout high school and University, where she studied to become a nurse. We both agree that we must have crossed paths back then, but it remains a missed connection. Elizabeth runs everything to do with partnerships and athlete experience. If you’ve enjoyed our new podium, finish line food, signage, and overall “feel” of the event, you have Elizabeth to thank for that! We like to say that I make the events possible (through permits, staffing, and logistics) but she makes the events fun. Elizabeth still works as a nurse at the Ottawa Hospital ICU and her compassion shines through from the moment you meet her. She really brings our events to life and we couldn’t do this without her.

If you ever want to discuss Somersault and share ideas for its progression, I hope that you’ll reach out. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you in person at our next event. Be sure to come and say hi!

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