Sun, Aug 07, 2022Thousand Islands Pre Race Newsletter

Our Thousand Islands Event is only a few days away and we wanted to send some final reminders. 

Spots still available: 

You can sign up at but the deadline is Tuesday at 6pm. After that, you can sign up in person during Bib Pick up (timing below), in Brockville.

Deadline for Edits or Transfers:

If you need to change any info related to your registration, or if you need to transfer to a later event, please let us know before Tuesday at 6pm. We won't be able to make any changes after that time, so be sure to reach out soon if you need anything.


Coach Todd from the Ottawa Triathlon Club is doing an in-person orientation on Saturday. The course walk-through will start at 5pm and it starts from the South end of the Brockville Railway Tunnel. For those of us that rely on Google maps, the address is 1 Ferry St, Brockville.

Feel free to come by, pick up your bib, and get prepped for Sunday. The orientation will be where the transition zone will be on Sunday. 


There's a parking lot right beside the transition zone but you can also park in the community and nearby streets. We highly recommend carpooling whenever possible.

Free Race Photo!

Bring your smile, or your game face, and keep an eye out for our Race Photographers this Sunday. The photos are FREE for anyone who participates. All past event photos can be found at


We recommend showing up an hour before the race, to get your bib, set up transition, and make your way to the start line. 

Bib Pick up:

We highly recommend picking up your race bib on Saturday, from 3pm to 6pm. We'll be set up at the South end of the Brockville Railway Tunnel, which is where the race will be on Sunday.

We'll be at this same location on Race Day but picking up your bib on Saturday lets you scope everything out for Sunday AND gives you less to do on race day. 

The race starts are:

8:30am: Olympic Triathlon + SwimCycle
8:40am: Duathlons 
9:30am: Spring Triathlon
10:00am: Try a Tri

Show up on-site an hour before the race, so that you can get set up, warm up and make your way to the start line. 

Know Your Distances:

Some events have multiple loops. It's important that you know how many loops you need to do on the swim, the bike, and the run. We will have volunteers, cones, signs, and barriers to make the course as clear as possible but it's important that each athlete know the course ahead of time.  

The swim course will be as follows:

-Try a Tri: 1 loop of 200m 
-Sprint Tri: 1 loops of 750m
-Olympic Tri: 2 loops of 750m

The bike course loops are 20K each, which means:

-Try a Tri: 1 loop
-Sprint Tri/Du: 1 loop
-Olympic Tri/Du/SwimCycle: 2 loops

The run course is a loop of 2.5K, which means:

-Try a Tri: 1 loop (2.5K)
-Sprint Tri: 2 loops (5K)
-Olympic Tri: 4 loops (10K)
-Sprint Du: 2 loops (5K) for the 1st run. 1 loop (2.5K) for the 2nd run.
-Olympic Du: 4 loops (10K) for the 1st run. 2 loops (5K) for the 2nd run.

Safety First!

As a reminder, the bike course and run course are NOT closed to traffic. During the bike course, please stay to the right and be cautious when passing someone. 

The run course is on a nice scenic boardwalk but please be courteous to other path users. 

If you have any last-minute questions, please let us know!

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