Wed, May 17, 2023Rick's Tricks! Early Bird Edition

We're back for another edition of "Rick's Tricks". In this posting, Rick will share his tips to make the most of the Early Bird Triathlon. Rick is a multiple-time winner of this race and knows the course inside and out. 

Rick’s Tips 3 for the Early Bird Triathlon


You’ll need to:

● pick up your timing chip,

● get body marked,

● rack your bike with your helmet and get to the pool. Note where your bike and rack is in relation to both directions / entrance / exits. It’s a long way from the transition zone to the pool, so give yourself time to get to the pool. Set up your shoes and shirt outside the pool.


● Line up fastest to slowest. Ask a few people about their expected swim times. Don’t take just one person’s word for it.

● There will be a timing mat to cross at the start, but starts will be roughly every 5sec.

● Swim on the left of the lane, back on the left, flip turn under rope.

● Walk to the emergency exit and go down the stairs to P12. Do not run or pass anyone from the water exit to the building exit.


● if wearing running shoes on the bike, put on socks, shoes and a shirt with your bib number on it, then run to the t-zone and your bike.

● if wearing cycling shoes on the bike, put on shirt with bib number, then run to t-zone and your bike.

● You can pass people in this segment.

● Once at your bike, the first thing you do is put your helmet on and do up the strap, then grab your bike and run to the road/mount line on Colonel By Dr.


● Remember to ride on the right of the lane, and pass on the left, then move back over to the right. Shoulder check every time you weave to pass

● Ride however many counter-clockwise 10k laps--one or two (not 11.3K) loops anymore. It's now 10K/loop)

● Finish at the dismount line.


● Run to your transition spot with helmet buckle done up,

● rack your bike,

● take your helmet off.


● Head to run exit, which is towards Colonel By. The route is an out and back course.

● Leave the T-Zone and run on the Colonel By Dr. Depending on the distance they're running, they either turn around at the 1.25K mark (at Library ave) or at the 2.5K mark (hogs back) The runners turn around here and retrace their steps to the T-Zone or Finish Line.

HELPFUL HINTS–mostly bike stuff–These points apply to all triathlons, not just the

Early Bird.

● You are not allowed to ride within 10m of the person in front of you for more than 15sec. This is called drafting–don’t do it. You have to pass within 15sec, or back off to be 11m behind.

● You are not allowed to ride beside another rider for very long. This is called blocking–basically, you are in the way of other riders who may want to pass you.

● NEVER cross the centre line of the road.

● Wear tight clothing–like streamlining off the wall, the more sleak you are, the less wind resistance you will have and the faster you will be.

● Ride in as small a position as you can–if you have a road bike, stay on the drops so your front end is low. If you are on a mountain bike, get low in the front. This goes to the same point as streamlining off the wall.

● Pedal cadence, RPM, should be around 90 (only one leg count).

● Ride as straight and predictably as you can.

● You will ride where you look, so look beside obstacles on the road, not at them. Instead, look where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go. Remember, you only have to not hit whatever it is. You do not have to miss it by much, you just have to miss it.

● Shoulder check often, especially when entering turns of changing your line (moving over to pass or after a pass)

● Use your brakes before the corners, not in the corner.

● Start corners wide and cut in close

● If you think you may have a tough time tying your shoelaces in a hurry, consider using elastic laces. This way, you do not need to tie them.

Have a great time

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