Wed, Sep 28, 2022Fall Colours Pre Race Newsletter

The Fall Colours Run is coming up quickly and we wanted to send some final reminders. 

Spots still available: 

If you have someone who's interested in running with you, the deadline for online registration is Tuesday, October 4th at 6pm. After that, they can sign up in person during Bib Pick Up (timing and location below).

Please also keep in mind that we made the schedule in a way that gives anyone time to do the Wedding Dress Dash 1K, in addition to another event. Ie. You could do the 1K, and still have time to make it to the start of the Half Marathon. Why not make your warm-up a fun 1K race?!

Deadline for Edits or Transfers:

If you need to change any info related to your registration please let us know before Tuesday October 4th at 6pm. We won't be able to make any changes after that time, so be sure to reach out soon if you need anything.


We don't have access to the Cumberland Museum until Sunday morning, so there won't be an in-person orientation on October 8th. 

Instead, we encourage you to watch this virtual orientation. If anything is unclear or if you have more questions, we recommend emailing us or visiting us on October 8th for bib pickup, where you can ask your questions in person. 

We will also have the course coned on Saturday, October 8th, so that you can drive the course. 


There's a parking lot at the Cumberland Museum, on the West Field. Please do your best to carpool or bike to the event. That'll help avoid some congestion and it'll help keep some cars off the road. 

Free Race Photos!

Bring your smile, or your game face, and keep an eye out for our Race Photographer this Sunday. The photos are FREE for anyone who participates. They're sponsored by John Gomes Real Estate

If you want to thank John for his generosity, you can thank him in person on Sunday, as he'll be racing the Marathon. Catch him if you can!

John has been one of our biggest supporters and has really helped us make a comeback after 2 years of shutdown. We can't thank him enough but we hope that you'll consider John for all your Real Estate needs. 

When to Arrive:

We recommend showing up an hour before the race, to find parking, get your bib, warm up, and make your way to the start line. Bib pickup opens at 7am. 

Bib Pick up:

We highly recommend picking up your race bib on Saturday, from 1pm to 5pm. We'll be set up at the Black Walnut Bakery Tent at 979 Cameron St.

For Race Day, you can pick up your bib at the Cumberland Museum, at 2940 Old Montreal Road. We'll be ready as early as 7am. 

The race starts are:

8:00am Early Marathon Start (7 hour cut off)
8:20am 1K Turkey Trot
8:45am Wedding Dress Dash
9:00am Half Marathon 
9:00am Marathon (6 hour cut off)
9:30am 10K
9:45am 5K
9:50am 3K 

Show up on-site an hour before the race, so that you can get set up, warm up and make your way to the start line. You can also watch the Turkey Trot and the Wedding Dress Dash!

If you want to take advantage of the Early Marathon Start, just make sure you're ready for the 8am start. Our registration tent will be open at 7am. 

Spectator Guide:

We have this handy Spectator Guide! It highlights all the info that you and your spectators will find helpful on Race Day. 

Anything Else? 

If you have any last-minute questions, please let us know! Otherwise, check out our website for all things Somersault. You can also keep in touch with us on Facebook and Instagram


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