Tue, Jun 06, 2023Athlete Spotlight - Daniel Brousseau

Athlete Spotlight - Daniel Brousseau 

In the Ottawa multisport community, there are plenty of incredible and varied stories of the athlete's path to triathlon. Today, we hear from Daniel Brousseau, an accomplished local athlete who got his start racing as guide and tandem cyclist. 

How did you get into triathlon/duathlon?

Back in late 2008, I moved to Chatham Ontario, and the local bike shop had Tuesday rides where I would ride. There one day, I was approached by a blind man (Ryan) stating that he had heard my riding skills and he would be happy to ride with me. I laughed and asked, "How? You are blind". This is where I was introduced to the world of Tandem Cycling. As time went on, Ryan then asked if I would run with him... At this point by late 2010, Ryan suggested that we do a local early spring duathlon for fun. I was truly unsure but agreed and we did awesome. This is when Ryan suggested I take up swimming... It wasn't pretty but he and others in the community lent a helping hand in sharpening my elbows to the point where I ended up guiding several individuals from across the country in various Somersault Tri/Du events from 2011-2013.

What is your favourite Somersault event?

My favorite is hands down The Canadian. The environment of being where I used to do track & field as a young lad, the crowds in the stands... Just perfect in my eyes. My favorite distance is Sprint Duathlons!!! This event can be done by pretty much anyone. From beginners to those who like to dig deep and go all out from start to finish.

Describe your 2023 plans to participate as an athlete guide.

Being that we are now in my 12th year of Multisport racing and guiding, my A race will be guiding my best friend Ryan at the Ironman Mont Tremblant 70.3 in late June. For this, I had to take backup swimming in order to be capable of safely getting through the 1.9km swim with Ryan tethered to me. To sharpen my skills ahead of Tremblant, Somersault Early Bird and National Capital triathlons will be part of my pre-A race training. Thereafter Thousand Islands and The Canadian 113 will be the next Tri/Du events for the season.

What is your best piece of advice for someone new to multisport racing?

Take your time and earn respect for the sport itself and do not jump straight up to longer distances. Did you know some people just race in the Tri-a-Tri (aka Super Sprint)? and never go higher there's nothing wrong with that!

You don't need the latest/greatest in order to partake and have fun.

Embrace the suck as at times, you will lose motivation but that is when you'll build character which will carry you over as you progress in the sport.

Do not compare yourself to others unless you are racing for the podium. This is your race, challenge yourself!

Thank you Daniel, for sharing your story! Best of luck to you and Ryan in Tremblant!

Do you have a special 2023 goal or multisport journey you would like to share? Email elizabeth@somersault.ca if you are interested in being featured in our next athlete spotlight. 

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