Mission Statement


Somersault Event Series triathlons, duathlons, runs and other finish line events, are community sport, recreation and fitness events. They are organized primarily for the recreational enjoyment of participants of all ages and stages.

Somersault will:

  • advertise and communicate clearly all event elements and conditions of entry, (including rules of participation) of which a participant should be aware before entering an event,
  • deliver to the participants those event elements that have been advertised and communicated to them prior to the event,
  • treat each participant equitably and with respect, regardless of age or stage,
  • provide event supervision as much as possible, to ensure a safe, and fair event,
  • maintain the third party liability insurance coverage necessary to protect those who are involved in organizing and supporting the event,
  • respect the conditions imposed on the event by insurers, facility owners, host municipalities, and affiliated agencies,
  • make best efforts to ensure that Somersault event workers and officials perform their event tasks well,
  • provide an appeal mechanism to allow for participant protests or appeals, and
  • seek and respond to participant feedback and suggestions

Participant code of conduct

Each Somersault Series event participant, as a condition of entry to a Somersault event, agrees to:

  • participate according to the rules of competition as advertised and communicated to them,
  • show respect for other event participants, and the public,
  • show respect for event officials, and workers, and
  • communicate any event concerns, complaints, or suggestions, to Somersault in a courteous and timely manner.