Club of the Event


The ‘Club of the Event’ is a program designed to encourage a club/team/organization to become involved in, contribute to, and benefit from a Somersault event. The Club of the Event program allows such groups to become involved in as much or as little of the event delivery as it wishes to; without liability or financial responsibility. It is a program that allows members of the club/team/organization to gain experience in event organization, to receive credit for event delivery, and to promote and raise funds for their organization.

The major objectives of the ‘Club of the Event’ program are:

  • To provide a pool of responsible, and prepared workers/officials, to assist Somersault to deliver a safe, fair, fun event.
  • To build a sense of community involvement into Somersault events through the organization’s involvement in it.
  • To provide tangible support for the “Club of the Event” by,
  • providing the club with a monetary donation for their service to the event
  • promoting the club and its programs through the event, and
  • providing the club with an optional event based fundraising/donation opportunity.

Letter of Agreement

The Club of the Event’ Program requires a Letter of Agreement between Somersault and the Club. This agreement will set out the terms to which each party (Somersault and the Club) commits.

Pre-Event Planning Meeting

Once the Letter of Agreement is in place, we meet with the club leader(s) to discuss the event, to agree on the club’s event assignments, and to review individual club worker/official responsibilities.

Event Review Meeting

One to two weeks in advance of the event, a meeting will be held at which a list of club member workers/officials (by assignment) will be established. At this meeting, the club’s event weekend duties will be finalized with club representatives. The club representatives will then be responsible for briefing and preparing individual club members on their event weekend duties.

This process ensures that all club workers/officials are prepared for their duties before the event, and that minimal worker/official instruction needs to occur on event weekend.

Day Before Event Day Duties

As part of its responsibility, the club may provide an agreed upon number of workers the day before the event to be part of the event set up crew preparing the event site and/or courses. This is a work crew, and requires ‘mature’ personnel who are able to spend several hours on this aspect of the event.

Day Before Event duties may include:

  • Set up Finish Line, Courses, and Race Site.
  • Set up the Registration site.
  • Review race day crew deployment and duties.
  • Set up T-Zone and site signage.
  • Miscellaneous items that vary by event.

Event Day Duties

On event day, club officials/workers must be prepared to work a “full” day (up to 8 hours or more). The day can begin as early as 6:00 a.m. and end late in the afternoon. Club of the Event workers are responsible for providing their own meals and refreshments on event day, and must be prepared to work outdoors in a variety of weather conditions.

Event day is usually broken into 3 parts:

Event Set Up

  • Finalize Site site set up.
  • Close, cone, and sign the bike course.
  • Cone, Km Mark and Water Station the Run Course
  • Deliver course officials to their positions
  • Assume assigned race official positions

Event Delivery

  • Carry out race official duties as agreed. These duties could include traffic marshaling, participant marshaling, water station, race kit pickup, registration, finish line, and. other duties that may be required at the last minute.
  • Initiate Event Take Down towards the end of the races.

Event Take Down

  • Complete the take down of event equipment.
  • Load equipment in vans and trailers

Post-Event Wrap Up Meeting

This meeting will occur after the event, and is intended to be between the same representatives as in the Pre-Event Meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss what went right, what went wrong, and what recommendations we have for next year. At this meeting, an initial commitment by the Club of the Event may be made for next year’s event.