Dec 8th, 2021

We're Back!

After 2 seasons of hibernation, Somersault is back to hosting in-person events. For those of you that know and love our series, we can't wait to tell you about all the positive changes we've made during our break. And for those of you that we haven't met before, we look forward to making a lasting first impression.

Over the past 19 months, we've been talking to participants, volunteers and our partners about what they'd like to see when Somersault returns. The bulk of the answers fell into 3 categories: professionalism, value and communication.


This is where we've made the most updates to our events. In no particular order:

  • New owner and race director. All Somersault races for 2022 will be directed and organized by Adam Kourakis, who is also the new owner of Somersault. For triathletes and cyclists in Ottawa, Adam will be a familiar face. He owns Velofix Ottawa and TriRudy, and is active in the local multisport community. You can learn more about Adam at 
  • We're remeasuring all of our courses to ensure the highest degree of accuracy possible. With a new set of course measurements, you can be sure that the race distance that you sign up for is the distance you'll complete. Just make sure that you don't add up extra mileage with wide turns! This is also a friendly reminder that swimmers can always benefit from practicing their sighting. 
  • New distances. We're standardizing some of our event distances. When working with various stakeholders (the City of Ottawa, the NCC, By-Law, etc), it can be difficult to get the exact road closures that we're looking for. However, we've managed to make some changes so that our sub-events are more consistent. We're proud to say that we've managed to confirm new courses that make all of our sprint distant bike courses exactly 20K long and that all of our Olympic distance events have a 40K bike ride.
  • New duathlon order. We've changed the format of our duathlons to be more inline with international standards. Wherever possible, we'll adhere to standard duathlon distances. Given how difficult it's been to get pool time in Ottawa recently, we're expecting a big uptake in duathlon, and have decided to invest a lot of resources into our du-event. 
  • New sponsors. Our 2022 sponsors are going to help Somersault execute events at a higher level. You'll learn more about these sponsors on our website and you'll be able to interact with them on race day but our return to racing is largely thanks to this group of individuals and small business. Please consider supporting us by supporting them. 
  • Finisher Podium. This one's for the 'Gram. Our awards ceremony will feature a new podium and backdrop, so that you can race for a high spot and for a great souvenir photo.


  • New finish line food. We can't give all of our secrets away but our 2022 events will have a much more exciting post-race food offering. As a sneak-peek, we can tell you that Winterman will have hot chocolate and hot broth at the finish line, along with lots of other options. Our summer events will have some equally enjoying treats to go with the weather.
  • Bigger medals. We know that you don't just compete for the swag, but swag never hurts! We've redesigned all new medals for 2022 and made them bigger than ever. Every finisher gets a 3.25" medal, specifically designed for that day. As the season gets closer, we'll start unveiling some of the designs on our website, to get you excited for your next finish line. 
  • High quality tech shirts. As a two-bird-one-stone solution, participants will no longer be getting a cotton shirt with their registration. Participants can, however, purchase a souvenir shirt separately from their registration. This helps bring the cost of registration down, so that you're not paying for a shirt that you might not want or need. Secondly, the new souvenir shirts have a much different look that we hope you'll like. All of our multisport events have a short-sleeve option, while Winterman and Fall Colours have long-sleeve options. You'll be able to see these designs on the event page and during checkout. Purchasing clothing is completely optional but we hope that you'll want to wear it proudly. 
  • Promotions for Somersault Participants. Thanks to our amazing sponsors, Somersault athletes will be getting a few extra perks this year. We have a promo with Zizu Optics, where anyone can get 35% off their eyewear PLUS free shipping. This offer is only valid for the first 2 weeks of our grand opening but it's the biggest discount level that Zizu offers. Secondly, we've arranged for a promotion with Tiux Compression Socks, to get all of you 25% off their entire line up. 
  • Finisher Photos. New for 2022 is a professional race photographer, who will capture your finish line smile, grimace or whatever else you have in store for our photographers. 
  • Massage Therapists for all participants. After your race, you can enjoy a free massage from the International Academy of Massage.


  • We've completely redone our website and replaced it with something that'll help us keep you in the loop. While a new website might not sound very exciting, it's a big undertaking and we've made this new site with communication in mind. It'll be much easier for us to post important information about upcoming events and even include emergency updates in the case of threatening weather in the forecast for race-day. A full website rebuild takes a lot longer than people realize and we'll be improving it as the season progresses, to make it all encompassing. 
  • Our social media accounts are regularly updated and checked now. We're back on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We hope that you'll give us a follow and engage with us. 
  • Newsletters. We've updated our newsletter format so that you can get all the relevant Somersault information sent directly to your inbox. If you were already subscribed to our newsletter, you'll be getting our next edition without any work on your end. If you're not on our email list, you can subscribe to it on our website.\

We have a lot more in store for our 2022 series but we hope that his little update gets you excited to be back to in-person racing. If you have any questions, please don't be shy to reach out to Until then, please consider signing up for an event, or signing up for our newsletter so that we can let you know when your favourite race is open for registration.