Sun, Feb 27, 2022Winterman Blog Post: Advait

We like to think that our events have something for everyone. With a winter running event like Winterman, we seem to get an even wider range of amazing people:

  • Someone who wants to try something new.
  • Runners who want to use our event to qualify for Boston, get a personal best, or test their fitness level.
  • People who started running, thanks to a New Years' Resolution, and Winterman happens to be the first event in the calendar.
  • Tourists who are in town for Winterlude or Family Day, and want to spice up their weekend plans.

We love hearing all the great stories that bring these amazing humans to our start line, and our new friend, Advait, is no exception. He wrote a blog post about it and if you want to hear about the journey of a young man, who thought "I want to see if I can run a marathon", then decided to do his first marathon in WINTER, in OTTAWA, you won't be disappointed. 

His blog post can be found here. And if you'd like to keep in touch with Advait, you can find him at the links below. 

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