2017 somersault triathlon & duathlon series
Welcome to the Somersault Triathlon & Duathlon Series.  The Series offers triathlon and duathlon events for participants of all ages and stages – from the very young to the very old, from the very fast to the very slow, and from the first timer to the veteran. Participants of all ages will find the events to their liking.

If you are looking to participate in your first one, you will find each Somersault Series event friendly and supportive.  The Try A Tri events will help ensure that your first triathlon will be a positive experience for you and your family.

Those looking for a more competitive experience will not be disappointed either.  Individual races feature the fastest at every distance, and the Champions Challenge offers a season long competition in age and gender categories, so you can compare yourself to others in your category and overall.  

The Somersault Triathlon & Duathlon Series truly has “Events for everyone … from start to finish”

2017 somersault triathlon & duathlon series
May 20
Early Bird Triathlon, Duathlon & Relays
(Long Tri: 500m-33km-5km)(Sprint Tri: 500m-22km-5km)
(Try A Tri: 100m-11km-2km)(Super Sprint Tri: 100m-11km-5km)(Sprint SwimCycle: 500m-22km)(Long Du: 2km-33km-5km) (Sprint Du: 2km-22km-5km)
June 10

Ottawa River Triathlon, Duathlon & Relays
(Olympic Du: 5km-41.5km-10km)(Olympic Tri: 1500m-41.5km-10km)(Olympic SwimCycle: 1500m-41.5km)(Sprint Tri: 500M-20.7km-5Km)(Try A Tri: 200m-10.4km-3km) (Super Sprint Tri: 200m-10.4km-5km) (Sprint Du: 3km-20.7km-5km)
Swim Tri Relay: (Swim 500m-20.7km-5km)

June 24
Smiths Falls 
Smiths Falls Triathlon, Duathlon & Relays
(Sprint Tri: 500m-20km-5km)(Try A Tri: 200m-20km-2km)
(Super Sprint Tri: 200m-20km-5km)(Sprint SwimCycle: 500m-20km) (Sprint Du 2Km-20Km-5Km)
July 9

Sydenham Triathlon, Duathlon & Relays
(Olympic Tri: 1500m-40km-10km)(Olympic SwimCycle: 1500m-40km)(Sprint Tri: 500m-20km-5km)(Try A Tri: 200m-20km-2km)(Super Sprint Tri: 200m-20km-5km) (Sprint Du: 2km-20km-5km)

July 29

National Capital Triathlon, Duathlon & Relays
(Olympic Tri: 1500m-40km-10km)(Olympic SwimCycle: 1500m-40km)(Sprint Tri: 500m-20km-5km)(Sprint SwimCycle: 500m-20km) (Try A Tri: 200m-20km-2km)(Super Sprint Tri: 200m-20km-5km) (Kids: Surf n Turf) (Sprint Du: 2km-20km-5km)(Olympic Du: 5km-40km-10km)

August 20

Thousand Islands Triathlon, Duathlon & Relays
(Olympic Tri: 1500m-41.2km-10km)(Olympic SwimCycle: 1500m-41.2km)(Sprint Tri: 750m-20km-5km)(Sprint SwimCycle: 750m-20km) (Try A Tri: 200m-20km-2.5km)(Super Sprint Tri: 200m-20km-5km) (Sprint Du: 2.5km-20km-5km)

September 2

Canadian Iron 113 Triathlon, Duathlon & Relays
(Iron 113 Tri: 1.9km-90km-21.1km) (Iron 113 SwimCycle: 1.9km-90km) (Iron 113 Du: 2km-90km-21.1km) (Olympic Triahtlon: 1500m-40km-10km) (Sprint Tri: 750m-30km-5km)(Sprint Du: 2km-30km-5km) (Try A Tri: 200m-20km-3km)(Super Sprint Tri: 200m-20km-5km)

December 8, 2017
2017 Somersault Awards & Appreciation Reception
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